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Dr. med. Oleg Surminski - Orthopedics Berlin Prenzlauer Berg

Specialist for Orthopedics, Emergency Surgery & Sports Medicine


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  • concentration disorders with impaired midterm memory and rapid fatigue
  • sleeping  disorders
  • heart complaints
  • transmission complaints in the shoulder, tennis arm or golf arm (epicondylopathy) – often monocausal or in combination with misalignment of the elbow
  • psychic change, in particular secondary depression and irritability

From the thoracic spine:

  • From the thoracic spine:
  • shoulder pain
  • complaints of the upper abdomen
  • single or double-sided pain between the ribs (intercostal neuralgia)
  • heart complaints
  • breathing disorders (asthmatics)
  • stomach and digestive disorders

lumbar spine and sacroiliac joint:

  • pain in the kidney area
  • intestinal cramps, uterus pain in women
  • prostate complaints
  • groin strains
  • hip complaints
  • pain in the back of the thigh
  • undefined leg or knee complaints
  • foot complaints, especially heel pain

Further treatment:

When the misalignment has been corrected further treatment such as physiotherapy is advisable to prevent a relapse.

Active sports to build up muscles, because only a strong set of muscles can stabilise, support and sustain the vertebral column.

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